The Ideas of Amazing Wedding Venue Decorations

Wedding day is always awaited moment for every married couple and surely, you will prepare your wedding day very mature. Wedding venue decorations is one of the most important things for the appearance of your wedding day. From wedding decorations, you will draw a concept from your wedding.

Wedding decorations in the warehouse

In wedding decorations for events held inside the warehouse, the main element that enlivens the atmosphere is fairy lights that hang along with the open ceiling of the warehouse. The yellow fairy lights provide a warm effect that blends with the elements of wood and natural stone found in the warehouse.

For decorating food and cake stands, you can apply the shabby chic concept, combining vintage or classic furnishings such as antique vases and chandeliers with bohemian-style trinkets such as curtains and flower arrangements.

A relaxing wedding reception in the cafe

The choice of other places that you can apply for your wedding day is a cafe or art gallery. Hipsters love the concept of marriage that is simple but fun and the moments of marriage can be shared with your family and the closest people.

The industrialist-style cafe design with exposed bricks as its main element is enhanced by quirky wedding decorations, such as LPs and cactus plants. A collection of LPs installed long on the floor to escort the wedding procession that will take place.

You and your partner who love music can follow this decoration. Guests who were present watching the wedding procession could sit in treasure chests which were converted as sitting pads.

Do you have any ideas about Wedding venue decorations?

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