Cheap Wedding Table Decorations Ideas for Under $10

Planning a wedding celebration on a budget? This wedding table decoration tips for under $10 will give you the solution needed. Take a look at the following cheap wedding table decorations ideas to help you save money.

#1. Sprinkle of Natural Petals

Instead of using the whole parts of flowers, you can use the sprinkle of petals. Just scatter the petals to form a heart shape. You can use it as a table centerpiece. You can also fill glass jars with wheat and put them on every table.

#2. Use Sweets

As an alternative, you can also use sweets to decorate your wedding tables. Put some bright colored sweets in a small candy jar. To make it more gorgeous, you can coordinate the colors of the candies with your wedding theme.

#3. Lemons, Limes, and Oranges

To save your money, you can also use fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges for your wedding table decorations. To create a coordinated color theme, you can pick up the ones with white and green colors. Prepare a glass vase on every table and fill it with the limes, lemons, and oranges.

#4. Roses, Roses, Roses!

You can get small vintage roses in a flower shop for just $4. You can add a couple of miniature rose bushes for the wedding table.

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