Rustic Decorations for A Wedding

Decorations for a wedding is available in a lot of styles today. One of them is a rustic wedding decoration. This style of wedding decoration is suitable to be applied to an outdoor wedding. The rustic style will bring a simple, warm, and elegant atmosphere to your wedding ceremony. First things first; the wedding gate. Just by combining tree trunks, white curtains, and flowers, your wedding gate will look romantic as well as elegant. Once you have entered the wedding gate, you will walk down the aisle. For your wedding aisle, try to use standing flowers. Instead of using the common standing flowers, you can use tree trunks as the place to put the flower vases.

Still using wood materials, having a wooden background with hanging flowers will make your wedding venue looks simple yet elegant. It is sweet and pretty. You can also use wooden chairs for the guests’ seats. Style the seats like a garden picnic so that your guests will be comfortable during your wedding ceremony. Another thing that you cannot forget; a wedding cake. You can also style your wedding cake with a rustic style by adding flowers. Those are the ideas of rustic decorations for a wedding.

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