How to Decorate A Church for A Wedding Prettily

How to decorate a church for a wedding? Besides in a ballroom and in a house, a church is also chosen as a wedding venue in order to make the wedding ceremony feels more sacred. This is one of the reasons why many couples choose to change their wedding vows in a church. Even though the church you choose is already amazing and decorative, there is nothing wrong to decorate it more. If the church is located near a beach or ocean, you can play with fabric drapings and flowers. The combination of draperies and flowers will make the atmosphere even more romantic.

Are you planning to create a fancy look to the altar? Then, you can hang chandeliers or crystal lamps to create the look. This idea will create the fancy and glamour nuance that you want in the church. But if you want something different and unique, having a triangle-shaped altar will do for you. Do not doubt to use green leaves to accentuate the unique shape and structure. You can also decorate the triangle altar with your favorite pretty flowers to show your romantic personality. Are you still confused about how to decorate a church for a wedding?

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