Multifunction Shower Table Decorations For a Low-Cost Beautiful Wedding Shower Table

It takes time to decorate a table for a wedding shower party. Though, dealing with wedding shower table decorations is fun. The list below shows some of the simple decorations for your wedding shower table that will amaze your friends.

Decorate the Table with Cake 

You may use the wedding shower cake as a beautiful table decorations. It is good if you decorate the cake by yourself. If it is not, just buy a colorful and beautiful cake and then put it in the center of the table. It is a multifunctional decoration because you can cut and eat the cake.

Decorate the Table with Flowers 

It is considered as one of the most popular wedding shower table decorations. The key is choosing the right flowers which makes the table looks more beautiful and fantastic to see. You can buy some colorful flowers and put them in the glass vases. It is better to put the flowers in a tall transparent vas.

Decorate the Table with Patterned Tea Set 

You can also buy some classic patterned tea set. The main reason is that the pattern is eye-catching. You can also use the tea set as one of the wedding shower table decorations.

All of the wedding shower table decorations above are simple. They are also a multifunction decoration and it might cut the decoration cost without reducing the beauty of the table.

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