Cheap Wedding Decorations for Tables Ideas

Cheap wedding decorations for tables – A table is one of the items that play a big role that can influence the theme of your wedding decoration. Moreover, a pretty and interesting wedding table can make your guests willing to stay at your wedding celebration for a long time. At least, the guests will be comfortable and interested with the table decoration. You do not have to buy new tables for your wedding celebration. By using the available tables at your house, you can change them into decorative wedding tables. For a simple idea, you can just cover the table with a decorative tablecloth or soft-colored fabrics which match with your wedding theme. Then, you can add your favorite table flowers.

If you do not really like table flowers, you can replace them with candles. Take a tall glass with a large diameter. Put marbles inside the glass and place lily flower on top of it. Then, fill the glass with water. Put a decorative candle or aromatherapy candle on the water surface inside the glass. This way, you will have an elegant and stunning table decoration for your wedding decoration. Leave at least one meter between the candles. Those are cheap wedding decorations for tables.

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