Awesome Ways to Create Stunning Lavender Wedding Decorations

Lavender will always look good on every wedding decoration. Place tons of lavender flowers in your reception venue and you will have a stunning wedding decoration. Get yourself inspired with these following lavender wedding decorations ideas.

#1. Lavender Wedding Invitations

Introducing your wedding theme from the very beginning will help you to create a statement. You can use the lavender theme for your wedding invitations. You can find tons of ideas from the internet to create your lavender wedding invitations.

#2. Lavender Dresses for Bridesmaids

Dress up your bridesmaids with a pretty lavender gown. The dresses will have coordinated colors with your entire wedding theme. The girls will beautify your wedding venue with lavender dresses.

#3. Lavender Wedding Bouquets

Don’t forget the wedding bouquets. You can choose between simple but stunning lavender bouquets and mix lavender stems. They can be combined with other beautiful flowers to create a full lavender bouquet. The colors of the bouquet will be very eye-catching. In addition, you will get a bonus from the sweet scent of the flowers. The aromatic scene will help you calms your nerves.

#4. Lavender Wedding Reception Table

You can beautify your wedding table by using lavender. Put the flowers in a glass jar and place it on your wedding reception table.

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