DIY Pew Decorations for Weddings Ideas

Are you looking for pew decorations for weddings? If you do, then you have come to the right place. As you all know, when you are about to have a wedding ceremony, you want to have a wow factor. The wow factor when your guests walk to the church on your wedding ceremony and mesmerized by how beautifully decorated your wedding is. You do not have to buy the pew decoration, you can always create DIY pew decorations for weddings. You can use dried pew ends such as lavender that can be put in place the day before. Also, pew ends do not have to be expensive or use expensive blooms.

Hydrangeas in Mini Buckets

The first idea is to use hydrangeas and put them in mini buckets. These are very easy to make and you do not have to have any skills at flower arranging. You can just buy some simple hook-on mini buckets in cream or zinc colors, fill them with water, and put the hydrangea bloom in each of them.

Lavender Decoration

The next pew decoration for weddings is by using lavender. This is also very easy to make. You can just pick lavender blooms around 20 to a bunch and then tie them with ribbon. Then, loop the ribbon over the pew end.

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