Take the Chinese Wedding Decorations in Your Wedding Day!

Talking about Chinese wedding decorations, it usually takes an Oriental or international theme. If it has an international theme, the dominant colors are white and beautiful flowers adorn the entire wedding reception room.

Meanwhile, if you take the concept of the Bamboo Curtain country, the dominant colors of red and gold can create an authentic atmosphere like in China. Here are some other inspirations for Chinese wedding decorations:

The Oriental Palace Grandeur

When a pair of lovers binds a promise, all the brothers and sisters happily welcome him. The stairs leading to the altar were decorated with oriental-patterned umbrellas. While a dragon is a symbol of strength that is expected to keep the family harmony embedded into the background of the aisle seat.

Park of the Thousand Lanterns

The existence of lanterns that depend on decorating a room is one of the attractions of this decoration. Like a flower garden with trees decorated with beautiful lanterns. The look of the aisle is enhanced with small vases containing flowers and candles.

White Intimate

White shades dominate the room. Not only because of the color of the walls, but also a variety of furniture that compliments, such as chairs, tables, and glass cabinets. This concept of incorporating Chinese elements becomes the main theme of this decoration. Like a wedding that is not made on stage, but only a sofa equipped with colorful pillows. Various assertive elements of the concept are clearly displayed but still elegantly arranged. Like Chinese-style ceramic plates that hang neatly on the wall. Likewise, typical Chinese urns are one of the decorative elements. The use of pastel shades of flowers makes this decoration increasingly warm.

Are you interested to take the Chinese wedding decorations on your wedding day?


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