Blush Wedding Decor for Sweet Wedding

Blush wedding decor is often used because the color is identical with love and sweetness. So that it is perfect to be brought in a wedding venue. Blush has been applied to various wedding components and it successfully makes the wedding nuance feels romantic and elegant. So, there is nothing wrong if you want to use this color in your wedding decoration. For the table decoration, it will be better if you choose blush flowers such as pink roses, daisies, and many more. You can also combine them with other bright colors in order to add colors. In the corner of your wedding decoration, place curtains with pink floral accents.

You can also involve a wedding cake as a part of your wedding decoration. You can have a cake with pink icing layers as the option. If you want something practical for the wedding cake, you can choose donuts instead of a cake. If you insist to choose a cake, you can choose between a fondant cake or butter cream cake. You are able to add pink roses to the wedding cake as an accent. So that your wedding cake looks sweeter and it matches with the table flowers of a blush wedding decor.

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