Applying the Best Beach Themed Wedding Decorations

Maybe some of you have a dream of marriage on a super romantic beach then you need to apply the beach themed wedding decorations. Indeed, marriage in the building is too common. Making a wedding on the beach makes your wedding look special. In addition to the long-awaited event, the beach wedding also offers beautiful sea views. It will definitely look romantic.

If you want to have a concept of marriage on the beach, below, there are 10 ideas on the concept of marriage on the beach that is very cool.

A bouquet of flowers consisting of shells

Maybe a bouquet of flowers is too common, so you can replace it with shells. If it is possible, the selected shells can be fan-shaped.

Decoration of bamboo and straw

Weddings on the beach will be very complete if added with decorations. The decoration can be like this, made of bamboo and straw. It can also be from coconut fibers. You just create it according to taste.


The chairs for the invitees should be white to make them look more cheerful. Apply t and feel the cheerful sensation!

Scallop plate

To feel the beach theme more, you can provide a shell-shaped plate like this. The invitees will be very happy to use it.

Wedding cake

Even if it’s done on the beach, your wedding will still feel less if you don’t provide a cake. We recommend that the cake you choose is also blue. Represent the color of the sea at the location of your wedding.

Are you interested to apply the beach themed wedding decorations?

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